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Response Network

MCM’s National Response Network has been deployed in response to the needs of clients, operating in the UK and internationally.

In addition to our Response House base, we operate the UK’s largest specialist National Response Network. This has eight Regional Response Teams, with trained and experienced Responders available to swiftly provide face-to-face assistance for personnel and manage external communications on the ground at any time of any day.

MCM’s response services are tailored to meet specific client requirements, but the network is robust, sustainable and also highly flexible and responders will travel within the UK or abroad to support incidents as needed.

the UK’s largest specialist National Response Network

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The MCM National Response Network

The scale and distribution of the National Response Network has enabled MCM to successfully support large scale incidents, multiple concurrent incidents and to react to the unexpected, such as evacuations to unexpected locations. No other incident response company is able to offer the speed, scale and flexibility of response provided by MCM.

In addition to the UK based Response Teams, there is also a dedicated team at Zeebrugge, supporting an essential gas supply pipeline. This Network is the only one of its type able to provide support within 2 hours the length and breadth of the UK.

Our Response Teams are centred in the following locations:

  • Scottish Highlands
  • Scottish Lowlands and Borders
  • North West and Teesside
  • Humberside
  • East Anglia
  • Welsh Borders
  • London
  • The South Coast
  • Belgium (Zeebrugge)

Our Responders are selected for their skills and expertise in helping people who are displaced, distressed or disorientated. They are from a broad range of relevant professions, including police officers, nurses, coroner’s officers, coastguard, communications professionals and members of the national resilience community.

Whilst the network has national reach, we understand that local knowledge is vital and our Response Teams invest considerable time in developing relationships between MCM and key local services, so that we can access them 24/7/365. These include hospitals, transport, accommodation, reception centres and other essential services including professional medical services.

to successfully support large scale incidents, multiple concurrent incidents and to react to the unexpected

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Network Map

Our National Response Network comprises eight UK Response Teams, which are strategically located to provide rapid response across the UK.

MCM Network Map
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