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Training, Exercises and Consultancy

As well as providing emergency response, we consider plan development and practice to be an integral part of effective incident management.

Using our expertise and response experience we are able to offer training courses, exercises and consultancy which take into account any relevant legislation, guidance and industry best practice.

Depending on the needs of the client we develop bespoke courses and exercises to meet their objectives and use trainers and practitioners with the relevant skills and experience to ensure a high standard of delivery.

New in 2017 is an enhanced emergency response training and exercise capability which builds on MCM’s unique real-world emergency response experience to deliver bespoke training to clients.

bespoke courses and exercises to meet clients objectives

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Media Training

Coping with media demands is a challenge that companies operating with every-day risk must meet. MCM’s short, sharp media training sessions provide much needed practice for executives and managers.

MCM runs two highly popular media training courses; each concentrating on managing media attention during an incident.

Media Spokesperson

This is a one-day course designed to thoroughly prepare company spokespeople for interaction with the media during an incident. It incorporates tutorial sessions interspersed with an extensive series of media interview practicals, which are played out against a credible developing incident scenario.

Delegates will practice their development of media messages, media interaction and interview skills in five different interview situations: doorstep, TV interview, radio interview, down-the-line interview and a press conference.

The course is delivered by a team of three; a tutor, and a professional television cameraman and television journalist, who conduct the interviews.

Media /Social Media Awareness

This is a half-day workshop designed to give operational staff and management a thorough understanding of the demands and techniques of the modern media, as well as the influence of social media, during an incident.

This course is ideal for members of incident teams and general staff who may encounter media presence during an incident but not be an official spokesperson.

a range of challenging interviews that are played out against a credible incident scenario

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Relative Call Handling

This one day course examines the general principles of taking calls from distressed callers during an incident.

This course is delivered by MCM’s highly experienced Incident Management Team and provides a good understanding of the requirements of data protection and the dissemination of information.

It examines and provides practice in good telephone technique when dealing with distressed callers and the essential recording and use of information received.

The course provides company representatives with a good understanding of the complexities of this role and so best enables them to make the right choices in terms of how they plan to approach this vital task during an incident.

good telephone technique when dealing with distressed callers

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Business Continuity Workshop

Assisting you to make sure your organisation can recover effectively from a disruption.

This one day workshop looks at all aspects of Business Continuity Management and gives delegates a step-by-step guide to raise awareness of the requirements and best practice, empowering them to develop suitable plans for their organisation.

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Incident Management Team Training

Giving staff the confidence to carry out their role during an incident.

With 20 years’ experience of Incident Management training, MCM specialises in enhancing individual and team capability through tailored training, simulations and exercises.

We work with clients to develop bespoke courses to suit the needs of their current operations and team capabilities, using detailed scenarios based around real emergency and crisis management risks.

We also offer a suite of training courses in specific disciplines, summarised below:

Incident Management Team Training

Having a team of trained staff working within an Incident Management Centre is paramount to an effective incident response. The course covers theory in the morning and a practical exercise in the afternoon to consolidate learning.

The aim of the course is to provide information and awareness of key skills for those who may be called to staff and lead Incident Management Teams.

The course objectives are;

  • To provide information on the function of an Incident Management Team
  • To help to prioritise during the response using PEAR
  • To give delegates an awareness of how to facilitate effective time-outs
  • To understand the importance of information management and logging
  • To provide awareness of how to effectively communicate

Incident Controllers’ Course

The ability to take initial first steps at the scene of an incident and then interact meaningfully with the emergency services is paramount. This course can last for one of two days and will be primarily based on site-specific and realistic scenarios.

The courses objectives are;

  • Understand the roles of other emergency teams
  • Understand the roles of other emergency services and agencies
  • Examine communications processes
  • Examine command processes
  • Practise the IC role during realistic, simulated emergencies
  • Improve self-confidence

Shift Team Training

Emergency situations require shift teams to understand their immediate role and to be competent enough to cope. This programme, delivered over 1, 2 or 3 days, provides a mix of workshop and site-specific scenarios for simulation training.

The objectives are:

  • Understand the roles of other emergency teams
  • Understand the roles of other emergency services and agencies
  • Examine communications processes
  • Examine command processes
  • Identify gaps in procedures and associated arrangements

Competence Assessment

Within high-hazard environments the demonstration of individual competence is becoming increasingly important. MCM’s qualified assessors can work to develop standards for key personnel and then run a 1 or 2-day course using site-specific simulations that require key personnel to demonstrate their individual competence.

Crisis Management Consultancy and Training

Failures of products and services, breaches of ethics or standards; whatever the origins of the crisis, organisations need to mobilise a high-intensity response to manage and recover. MCM helps organisations build their capabilities to manage crisis situations, assisting with:

  • Capability assessments
  • Planning
  • Training
  • Simulations
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Emergency Exercises

MCM is a willing supporter of emergency exercises and the lessons they identify. We can play a range of supporting roles or develop entire exercises as required.

Working closely with the client, we can develop and facilitate any scale and type of exercise to meet company objectives and those of regulatory bodies. The exercise will be fully documented and an Exercise Report will be developed to highlight any recommendations and lessons identified.

MCM is able to use its extensive network and partnerships to provide experienced role players, journalists, film crew, etc. if required.

we can develop and facilitate any scale and type of exercise to meet objectives

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MCM has a network of experienced people able to offer advice and guidance.

We have a wealth of experience to draw on and can provide the right person for the right situations. Our network speaks from experience and have actually ‘been there and done that’.

From emergency plan development, auditing or exercising to advice on COMAH, JESIP, the CCA or media strategy we have people who have experience and capability to develop company’s capabilities.

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